Focusing on safety with horses is key for every young equestrian. Learn how to keep you and your horse safe in the barn and during riding excursions with Young Rider. Our articles provide basic guidelines for safety while riding, working with horses on the ground, and a variety of other horse situations. In addition, readers can learn more about barn safety since being safe at the barn and safe on the farm is of utmost important. Farms offer a lot of opportunities for mishaps and accidents, that is unless the proper precautions are taken to ensure all areas of the farm are safe for people and animals alike. Young riders should always look for a safe barn to ride at so safety practices can be modeled and riders can learn from example. Proper techniques when doing certain things are important as well, so learning how to do things properly initially can help prevent an accident or injury and also teaches the young rider how to eventually teach others. Articles from Young Rider written by experts or using expert sources can show you how to do things step-by-step way, with informative photos, such as how to tie a quick-release knot or how to safely mount and dismount a horse.