Tack and Equipment

This parent category features all articles published by Horse Illustrated on tack and equipment. To drill down further for tack OR equipment, check out our related subcategories. Whether it's for English riding, western riding, trail riding, or a specific discipline, we have more information on the best options to purchase, how to choose and what to look for, special equipment for added comfort for you and your horse, and so much more. Topics include more information on saddles, bridles, bits, hackamores, bitless bridles, horse boots, safety vests, blankets, sheets, saddle pads, etc. Comfort and safety are of utmost importance for both horse and rider.


Horse Illustrated articles cover horse and rider equipment. Learn what to buy, how to buy, and how to take care of it with our experts. Learn more about horse boots and wraps, ear bonnets, martingales, grooming equipment, buckets, long lines, stuff used for driving, etc. In addition, we also have articles covering rider equipment, such as riding helmets, boots, gloves, riding jackets, etc. In addition, see some of the latest products found at trade shows and equine events as Horse Illustrated staff and writers attend. Make the right buying decisions for you, your horse, and your barn so that caring for your horse and your riding can be done with practicality and style.


Proper fitting tack and its care is a key part of horse ownership. Horse Illustrated talks saddles, bridles, bits, saddle pads, horse boots, and more. We cover what you need for western, English, trail riding, and other disciplines. Topics include articles like: trail riding tack and gear, choosing the right bit/saddle/bridle, how to fit a saddle or bridle, parts of the saddle and bridle, how to get your horse ready to ride, how to host a swap, saddle fit mistakes, how to organize your storage trunk, how to clean and get rid of mold on your equipment, fitting a noseband for dressage, how to use a hackamore, and more.