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How to Safely Use a Stud Chain

A young girl showing her horse in showmanship at halter
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Many horses are easy to control with a plain halter and lead rope. Sometimes, though, a stud chain may be necessary for more control. Examples include when hand-walking a horse on stall rest that has a lot of pent-up energy, or when extra control is needed for a vet exam.

Yet stud chains aren’t only used for restraint. They can also help a horse stay focused on his handler. They’re often used in halter and showmanship classes. The stud chain allows the handler to give subtle, almost invisible cues to the horse. Keep reading to learn how to use a stud chain safely.

A stud chain should only be used with a flat-strap leather or nylon halter that’s adjusted to a snug fit. Otherwise, the stud chain could cause the halter to twist around on your horse’s face.

A stud chain being safely used on a horse
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To attach the stud chain, run it through the lower metal ring on the left side of the halter. Go from the outside in. Guide the chain under your horse’s jaw and then back out the lower halter ring on the opposite side. Continue up, outside the cheekpiece of the halter, until you reach the top ring. Snap the stud chain onto it with the thumb tab facing out.

Another option is to guide the stud chain over your horse’s nose rather than under his jaw. If used too often or too harshly, however, you could cause cosmetic damage to the area above your horse’s muzzle.

When used properly and humanely, a stud chain is an important tool to have in the barn. Now you know how to use one safely!

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