Young Rider Fall 2020 Digital


The Fall 2020 Digital Issue of Young Rider includes:

  • How to juggle school and horses—you’re not alone in trying to do it all
  • Three young riders of color share what it’s like to feel a little different
  • How to deal with jealousy at the barn before it causes problems
  • How to conquer the 7 most frequent canter problems
  • Avoiding these 4 mistakes to ace your next showmanship class
  • Amy’s big plans take an unexpected turn during this short story
  • Learn more about your horse’s teeth and dental needs
  • Stable skills on how to catch and turn out a horse to pasture
  • #IRL (In Real Life) experience about riding in college
  • Me & My Horse photo gallery
  • Art gallery showcasing art from young readers
  • A double-sided poster
  • Breed Profile on the Tennessee Walking Horse

You can find all digital back issues of Young Rider here.


The Fall 2020 Digital Issue of Young Rider includes information on how to juggle school and horses, young riders of color, dealing with jealousy at the barn, conquering the 7 most frequent canter problems, improving your showmanship class, horse dental needs, and more (see the full contents above).

In addition to the Fall 2020 digital issue, you can find all digital back issues of Young Rider here.

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