2021 Virtual Breyerfest Preview

Celebrate the “Horse of a Different Color” theme.

2021 Virtual Breyerfest Preview
Photo by Equinium

Get ready for a rainbow of fun as BreyerFest 2021 presents a Horse of a Different Color! Similar to 2020, the event will again be virtual, allowing fans from all over to join in the fun. Happening July 16-18, there will be plenty of amazing models to buy, workshops to attend and performances of your favorite horses.

Meet the Models

It wouldn’t be BreyerFest without limited edition and special-run Breyer models! First, meet the 2021 BreyerFest Celebration Horse, Danash’s Northern Tempest (“Dani”). Dani is a colorful Appaloosa/Friesian-cross mare owned by Laura Reece. Laura purchased Dani as a green 4-year-old.

Since then, the two have gone on to do great things, including becoming circuit champions in the rusty stirrup division. But more than anything, Laura says that being an adult amateur means she is here “for the fun of it,” and enjoys every minute in the ring, while always learning something new. BreyerFest 2021 attendees with VIP or All-Access tickets will receive Dani’s model!

2021 Virtual Breyerfest Preview
Photo Courtesy Breyerfest

To go with the theme of a Horse of a Different Color, this year’s BreyerFest’s Stablemate collection is a fantastical group of four bright horses: Dada, Nouveau, Rococo and Avant Garde. You can purchase a four-pack of the Stablemates as a ticket holder. Each general admission ticket is given one model at random.

This year’s special-run models are also displaying a lot of color, including the pearlescent Uffington, named and modeled after the Uffington White Horse chalk lines in Oxfordshire, England. Then there is Pollock, named after American artist Jackson Pollock. These are available to VIP and All-Access ticket holders only. Each ticket holder will have two models available to them.

And finally, there are the limited-edition models. These are definitely horses of a different color, starting with real-life horses Queen of Hearts, who stands out with her unique white brindle markings; Rheverenece+, a half-Arabian with a loud buckskin overo coat; and Apollo del Solis, a P.R.E. stallion whose golden metallic coat gleams like the sun. Be sure to check out Prisma and Favrile too. These models are available to all ticketholders.

Part of the fun of Breyerfest is meeting the horses who have been immortalized as models. This year you will get to meet Dani, Queen of Hearts, Rheverenece+, and Apollo del Solis, as well as Chocolatey and Sporour frá Bergi, both of who just had Breyer portrait models released at the beginning of 2021.

2021 Virtual Breyerfest Preview
Chocolatey will be live at virtual BreyerFest—do you see the resemblance? Photo Courtesy Breyerfest
Chocolatey. Photo Courtesy Breyerfest

Fun Workshops

For All-Access ticketholders, Breyer has over 20 workshops planned. There are how-to workshops on a range of things for all skill levels. Learn to make epoxy amour and how to apply it to your Breyers to make Battle’corns; create a bitless bridle for your plastic steeds or a braided ribbon browband.

There are workshops on recreating manes and tails, special painting techniques, introduction to showing, costume-making, repairing broken models, and more. And of course, there will be plenty of color, including how to paint Appaloosa spots and pastelling techniques!

In addition, BreyerFest 2021 will also have live Zoom workshops where you will be able to interact with the instructor. These are add-ons that can buy when you purchase your ticket. Each workshop will be limited to 30 participants. You will receive a box of supplies from Breyer so you’re ready to join in on the fun.

Don’t forget to enter the Breyer Model Horse Shows and other contests throughout the weekend. All BreyerFest guests will also have access to free seminars and screenings from the Equus Film & Arts Festival.

However you decide to customize your BreyerFest experience, it’s always the highlight of the summer!

  • Ansel
  • Apollo del Solis
  • Perche Merle Breyer
  • Pollock Breyer
  • Queen of Hearts Breyer
  • Rheverenece+
  • Seurat
  • Uffington Breyer

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