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U.S. Equestrian Announces Updated Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program for Riders in 5th through 12th Grade

U.S. Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program
Two U.S. Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program students pose with their horses. Photo courtesy U.S. Equestrian

U.S. Equestrian is excited to unveil a new name and an updated look for its popular student athlete recognition program, the U.S. Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program. Now renamed as the U.S. Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program, it will continue to provide recognition to athletes who participate in equestrian sports through their middle and high school careers. This will be the first of several exciting announcements of the revamping process with the new U.S. Equestrian Athlete Program.

Participants can apply for the program for up to eight years total, beginning in fifth grade and continuing through their senior year of high school. In order to receive recognition for a year of participation, athletes must compete in at least three competitions (both USEF-licensed and non-licensed are accepted) or log a minimum of 100 hours of riding, driving, or training time.

Athletes will receive a patch for their first year of participation and a pin for each subsequent year for which they complete the requirements. The pins and patches feature an updated program logo, which is also available on a new range of merchandise at www.shopusef.org.

“The U.S. Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program recognizes the dedication that our young athletes demonstrate year after year,” says U.S. Equestrian CEO Bill Moroney. “Balancing school work, extracurricular activities, and training for and competing in equestrian sports is a commendable achievement. Through this program, we aim to provide recognition for our young athletes’ hard work comparable to the recognition those in other sports receive for their interscholastic athletic pursuits.”

To participate in the U.S. Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program, athletes must be current competing or fan members of U.S. Equestrian. Members can apply for the program through their member dashboard on www.USEF.org. Participants can also submit proof of completion of requirements through the member dashboard. View the full requirements and Frequently Asked Questions here.

The U.S. Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program is the first phase of an upcoming series of programs that will recognize achievement for time spent in the saddle for members of all ages. Learn more about the programs offered by US Equestrian and the benefits of membership at www.USEF.org.

Questions about the U.S. Equestrian Interscholastic Athlete Program? Contact equestrianathlete@usef.org.

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