Horse Ownership

Horse ownership is the ultimate dream of any horse lover. Owning a horse involves a lot of responsibilities, but it also allows us to ride when we want, play with our horses whenever we want, and just enjoy the bond that comes with belonging to one particular horse, or several, depending on how many you own. With horse ownership comes learning about topics like how to buy and sell a horse, stable management, farm and pasture management, footing, emergency planning, trailering, and more. Horse Illustrated and Young Rider cover everything from the simplest act of how to clean a stall on up to how to design your own farm for horses.

Buying and Selling a Horse

There are a variety of options for the first-time horse buyer. And the seasoned pro still has more to learn about the processes of buying a horse and selling a horse. Topics covered by Young Rider include different types of horse ownership, leasing vs. purchasing, horse sharing, how to purchase a horse, how to sell a horse, pre-purchase exams, pitfalls to avoid when buying a horse, how much a horse costs, ways to afford a horse, what is involved in having a horse, and much more. Taking the step of buying or selling a horse is a big step, but with lots of rewards. Make that process easier with these articles from the Young Rider archives.

Leasing a Horse

Leasing a horse has always been a great option, for both the horse owner and the lessee, when horse ownership isn't an option yet.  The owner gets relief from the financial aspects or horse ownership and, in many cases, gets the satisfaction of knowing that their horse is getting the attention he deserves. The lessee gets to ride and perhaps show a horse that they would not otherwise be able to find or afford to buy. However, there are some important things to consider when leasing a horse, in addition to red flags and pitfalls to avoid. Let Horse Illustrated help educate you all about the process.

Stable Management

Learn all you can about equine facility management from Young Rider's stable management articles. We write about the outside of the stable or barn to everything on the inside, including tack rooms, stalls, bedding, and farm equipment. Learn all you need to about stable management, especially when it comes to safety around the stable, organization, barn rules, insuring a barn, emergency planning, running an equine facility or business, choosing the best bedding, building a barn on your perfect equine property, creating the perfect wash rack, adding amenities to the farm, and so much more. To horse lovers, the barn is their second home. Is it any wonder that horse people want that barn to be clean, organized, safe, comfortable, and managed well.